Sunset Sound Healing & Yin Yoga


4:00 - 5:30 pm Join us at Bryony Body in Exeter NH for a wonderful multi-sensory experience.
This workshop will be 90 minutes in length. The sound bath provided by Lily Goldberg will be the entire length of the experience. The first 60 minute will include a yin class hosted by our own Shelly Grande. The yin class is followed by a 30 minute savasana (with sound bath) to allow the yin to integrate. 
Yin Yoga is about finding balance within our yang world. Yin is a practice of softening, not stressing. This is found through the use of the mind and body, finding one's edge through quiet and stillness, using our breath and asana. This sequence will be focused on the earth element while engaging the meridian lines of the spleen (for the yin), and the stomach (for the yang). This is all connected through the use of the tattvas - the principles of yin, which include:

Coming into the pose to an appropriate depth
Resolving to remain still
Holding the pose for a longer period of time

This allows us to focus on keeping the large muscles cool, so we can deepen into the fascia and connective tissue, which in turn, helps to lubricate the joints to increase and maintain range of motion.

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