Sacred Ceremony


6:00 - 8:00 pm in Portsmouth, NH.

Join Shelly Grande in Sacred Ceremony to honor the Full Moon in Taurus. This Full Moon reminds us to come home to ourselves, our true nature. When we are home in ourselves, we can express our fullness. The Taurus Moon bridges life and death in Scorpio season, opening our awareness to the now moment.

We will welcome the nourishment of this fullness into our lives through heart healing ceremonial cacao and connection in circle. Around the element of fire and surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature, we will share a space of stillness and trust, meditate, chant and share insights.

Please bring your cozy self. Chairs and mugs of cacao and tea will be provided. There will be mindful access to a bathroom. You will leave inspired by connection and with meditation and mantra sheets to continue the Sacred Journey.

As always, a deep bow of gratitude to Jelena for being a gracious host and radiant being.

Gift your Self fullness. See you in ceremony.

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